About Our Lubricants

Lubrication Engineers Unique Additives

Lubrication Engineering Ltd Pty is the proud distributor of the Lubrication Engineers, Inc brand in Australia. LE’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and technology center is located in Wichita, Kansas. Lubrication Engineers’ unique additives are the main reason why LE lubricants provide the best possible performance versus competitor brands and consistently increase profitability for all our customers by:

• Extending service intervals (reduced lubricant consumption)
• Increasing equipment life (less wear)
• Reducing energy consumption (less friction)
• Improving reliability (less expensive downtime)
• Minimising inventory (multipurpose products)

These exclusive LE additives are only available in LE Products – no other company has access to, or uses this proprietary additive technology. 

Just a matter of good science with unique additives and the highest quality base stocks.

Monolec® Additive

Increases oil film strength & reduces friction, heat & wear by separating moving metal components & minimising metal-to-metal contact.
Should the oil’s film strength break down, Monolec® reacts chemically to form a protective, synthetic lubricant which increases the lubricant’s film strength.

What is Monolec?

  • Lubrication Engineers’ exclusive ‘wear reducing’ agent
  • Mono-molecular liquid chemical synthetic lubricant
  • Name is derived from “mono-molecular” – how the molecules form a single layer on metal surfaces to protect against metal-to-metal contact

What does Monolec  do?

  • Reduces FRICTION, HEAT & WEAR (proven 24.2% reduction) in engines, pumps, bearings and transmissions
  • Less friction = less energy = cost savings
  • Monolec is used in Lubrication Engineers greases, hydraulic oils, compressor & turbine oils, engine oils, industrial oils & other products

How does Monolec work?

  • Monolec molecules protect all metal surfaces with a single layer of “liquid ball bearings” which reduce friction, heat & wear
  • Monolec reacts with any high temperature asperities allowing the abrasive “high points” to flow, rather than tear, thereby reducing friction, heat & wear
  • Monolec increases oil film strength by up to 200% through particulate attraction

How does Monolec perform?

  • Monolec acts synergistically to improve performance qualities of other components in oils & greases – it enhances anti-wear agents in Lubrication Engineers lubricants
  • Monolec reduces wear, lowers operating temperatures & greatly extends equipment life
  • Monolec has no negative side effects – such as becoming corrosive, building up on itself or falling out of suspension
  • Monolec out-performed all competitive products during the Bowden-Leben Test at Imperial College, London. It is a test used to measure the effect of temperature on the coefficient of friction of lubricant oils.
  • Monolec wear-reducing additive took over in the test when all conventional chemical anti-wear additives broke down between 204°C – 232°C (350°F – 450°F). It continued to protect against wear to nearly 315°C (600°F) & probably much higher

Almasol® Additive

ALMASOL® ‘The Protective Edge’ reduces friction, heat & wear and resists chemical attack while withstanding high loads & temperatures to 1,038°C (1,900°F) It has been used on every manned US Space mission due to its incredible capabilities.

What is Almasol?

  • Lubrication Engineers’ exclusive ‘wear reducing’ agent
  • Highly refined (1-2 microns) solid, dry-film lubricant derived from Aluminium, Magnesium & Silicate
  • Almasol particles are so small that 8,000 would cover this full stop.
  • Soft tan powder with huge load carrying characteristics, resists acid attack & retains these up to 1,038°C

What does Almasol do?

  • Reduces FRICTION, HEAT & WEAR in bearings, gearboxes, gears & chains

How does Almasol perform?

  • Wear Reducing protection: In FZG Test LE607 Almasol Gear Oil had 138 – 263% less wear than other commercial gear oils
  • EP Lubrication: In case of load increase / speed decrease
  • Reduces Friction & Energy: Provides smooth, low drag surface & reduces heat

How does Almasol work?

  • Almasol particles attach to all metal surfaces in single, micro-scopic layers, thereby preventing destructive metal-to-metal contact
  • Almasol layer acts like a “protective glove” around all moving parts, providing almasol-to-almasol contact, resistance to acid, less friction, heat & wear
  • Almasol carries heavy loads of up to 400,000 psi providing complete protection against shock loads
  • Almasol will not build on itself or affect machine tolerances

Duolec® Additive

Lubrication Engineers’ exclusive dual action additive that provides elasto-hydro-dynamic (EHD) antiwear (AW) film strength enhancement & boundary lubrication extreme pressure (EP) surface protection.

What is Duolec?

  • Duolec is the newest Lubrication Engineers proprietary additive incorporating revolutionary technology designed specifically for use in Lubrication Engineers gear lubricants.
  • It is a temperature activated, dual acting, liquid additive that imparts special properties and synergies to the Lubrication Engineers Products in which it is used.

What does Duolec do?

  • Duolec increases lubricant film strength and protects metal surfaces outperforming at greater temperatures and loads.

How does Duolec perform?

  • Duolec acts synergistically to improve performance qualities of other components in the lubricants.
  • Duolec reduces wear by reducing friction, improving oil film strength and providing surface protection when extreme pressures cause metal to metal contact.
  • Duolec is a liquid additive which does not build up or fall out of solution.
  • Duolec is designed especially for use in gear lubricants and under the conditions and loads typical to gear service.

How does Duolec work?

  • Duolec incorporates revolutionary new technology which is thermally activated to provide a dual layer of antiwear and extreme pressure protection that forms a solid-like protective layer on the metal surface.
  • This layer fills surface asperities, effectively smoothing the surface and minimizing the effects of any metal to metal contact thereby reducing friction and preventing welding and surface wear.
  • Duolec also greatly enhances the film strength of the oil to prevent rupture of the oil film, and thus minimize asperity contact and prolong the time before asperity contact occurs.
  • The technology in Duolec is designed to be thermally activated in stages. When the loads are increasing, the EHD and mixed film antiwear components of Duolec kick in.
  • After loads become even greater, then the boundary lubrication extreme pressure performance of Duolec is activated.

Quinplex® Additive

What is Quinplex?

  • LE’s exclusive impact-resistant additive that enhances lubricant performance

What does Quinplex do?

  • Improves water spray-off resistance
  • Improves tackiness
  • Improves cohesion (enhances the coupling of the oil with the grease thickener)
  • Improves mechanical stability
  • Forms a barrier against rust and corrosion

How does Quinplex perform?

  • Stable viscosity: It increases the viscosity index of fluid products and grease base oils, which stabilises the viscosity against the influence of temperature changes.
  • No detrimental effects: Due to the chemical composition of Quinplex, it will not interfere with other chemically active components of lubricants.
  • Higher load-carrying ability: Research in the UK has shown that in a journal bearing test rig, lubricants with Quinplex carried more load than lubricants of equal viscosity but without Quinplex. Research also indicated the load-carrying capacity is substantially greater than existing theory predicts.
  • Water spray-off test results: Almagard® Vari-Purpose Lubricant (3752), which contains Quinplex, will typically have less than 10% water spray-off loss in the ASTM D4049 test. This compares to 60-95% spray-off loss measured on competitive high-performance NLGI 2 multipurpose lithium products.
  • Impact test (slap test): This LE test demonstrates the ability of greases containing Quinplex to resist pound-out under EP loads