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Lubrication Best Practice Auditing 

Auditing of your lubrication strategies and processes is a popular way to analyse any of the short comings that may yield savings and improvements to reliability and performance.

Audits that are typically conducted are often highly time taxing taking several days or weeks to complete. They are often expensive and typically they leave your business with large and extensive reports with very little in the way of meaningful and achievable targets for improvement. We call this “Analysis Paralysis”.

It is for this reason that Lubrication Engineering introduced the SnapShot Audit. This auditing method is specifically designed to provide your business with meaningful data that can be acted on immediately and with measurable results.

We appreciate that time is valuable so our auditing process takes hours not days or weeks. A typical Power Station for example can usually be completed within 1 day, not a week.

The SnapShot Audit takes a look at all key lubrication aspects to gain an overview of the lubrication strategy maturity; not every single lubrication point within your facility.

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SnapShot Audit Process

A SnapShot Audit involves interviews with key people, extensive photography, and an extensive walk around of your facility looking at 9 key aspects of lubrication best practice. These are:

  • Lubricant selection & inventory
  • Lubricant deliveries
  • Lubricant storage
  • Lubricant identification & tagging
  • Lubricant transfer
  • Contamination control
  • Lubricant sampling & analysis
  • Greasing
  • Lubricant program management

Each of the 9 sections contains a question set where % scoring is applied. This enables graphing of the results in the final report. Future audits can then be correlated against previous audits to show improvements.

Unlike many other auditing services that are offered in industry, the SnapShot Audit goes an additional step further by analysing the financial impact that poor lubrication practices have on your business.

The analysis is simple and requires your business to answer 8 questions on your Opex maintenance spend and how this is utilised. Information from these questions is used to develop a financial opportunity that can be used as part of a business plan for you to justify any capital expenditure that may be required to make improvements.

Our expert auditors are typically able to recommend the equipment required for improvements and having knowledge of these costs enables us to provide your business with a complete financial Return on Investment analysis.

To discuss your facility and a SnapShot audit with one of our team, please contact +61 (0)2 9636 5655

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  • Lubrication Engineering Pty Ltd standard Terms and Conditions apply to all audits.
  • Audit cost includes:
    • Local travel by a local team member.
    • Conducting the audit.
    • Report writing.
    • Meetings to discuss the results and report.
  • Travel greater than > 300km from a metropolitan center will incur additional costs.