Gold Mine – Western Victoria

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Operating a small processing plant in Victoria, receiving raw materials from an underground mine. The mine yields high-grade ore. The aging processing plant, constructed in the 1980s and having changed ownership multiple times, reflects signs of wear and tear.

Following an asset health audit on a Ball Mill in January 2022, this customer contacted Lubrication Engineering. The report revealed the site was using inadequate lubrication products with a base oil viscosity of 500cSt at 40°C, well below AGMA standards. The minimum viscosity recommended for the application by the AGMA is 6120cSt at 40°C. Additionally, the audit highlighted the poor condition of the open gear lube system *Fig 1* and severe wear on the pinion *Fig 2* and girth gear, prompting the need for immediate attention and renewal.


Following a review of the application by one of our Lubrication Experts, our team advised that the entire system was beyond salvageable and required replacement. The customer concurred and sought a design and quote. Additionally, our team recommended replacing the existing Trunnion and Pinion system due to its poor condition, which was accepted by the customer.


The sales, technical, and engineering teams collaborated to design custom lubrication systems *ref. Fig3 and Fig4*. A program was implemented to switch lubricants to Lubrication Engineers and address gear wear. This was done by applying a dressing compound for several weeks. This proactive measure was undertaken before the installation of the new lube systems.

Our technical and engineering teams designed each lube system and installed it with support from Pirtek in Bendigo, subcontracted by Lubrication Engineering. Post-installation, the Ball Mill Open Gear was lubricated initially with Duolec® Industrial Gear Oil, which aided in cleaning the previous black lubricant from the gear set. This was followed by the installation of Pyroshield® Syn XHvy Open Gear Lube LE9011 for enhanced performance. The Trunnion and Pinion lube system was installed with Almagard® Vari-Purpose Lubricant LE3752 and later changed to Monocal® GP Grease LE1499.


After installation, inspections spanning several months were conducted to fine tune the Trunnion and Pinion lube systems and the Open Gear Systems’ lubrication rates. All systems have significantly improved performance, and the customer continues using Lubrication Engineers lubricants.

Fig 1: Old Open Gear Spray Controls
Fig 2: Old Trunnion & Pinion Lube System
Screenshot 2024-07-10 at 3.27.13 PM
Fig 3: New Trunnion & Pinion Lube Sytem
Fig 4: New Open Gear Spray Controls