Lube Eng. Providing Lubrication Solutions for Drive Chains at a Food Manufacturing Facility

Customer Profile

A Large Food Manufacturing Facility located in NSW, Australia.


Drive chains on a corn in-feed Conveyor.


The drive chains at our customers food manufacturing facility were experiencing short life due to the poor lubrication method. Owing to where the chains are located, it is hard to access and lubricate the chains whilst the conveyor is in operation, plus the conveyor is placed outside and is subject to all the changing weather conditions. Additionally, the corn juice extracted, is quite acidic and therefore can damage the chain very quickly.

As a result of these issues, the customers were having to spend a large amount of money on replacing broken chains, due mainly to ineffective lubrication.

Lube Eng. Solution

Lubrication Engineers designed, supplied and installed a new 7-outlet Lubetool Micro Spray System for the customer. The system is connected back to their PLC, and the spray system is constantly lubricating the chains whilst the Conveyor is in operation.


The customer has not replaced a chain since the installation of the Lubetool Spray System, which has been over a year. The Lubetool Spray System provides accurate and precise lubrication through its spray nozzles micro misting feature. This has been very beneficial for the customer as they are now effectively lubricating the chains with less lubricant.

As a result, the client is extremely happy, and has installed the exact same Spray System on their second corn in-feed Conveyor.