Lubrication Engineers Fill Important Gap In The Market For “Set And Forget” Membrane Oil Dehydration/Purification

Lubrication Engineers (Lube Eng.) are set to fill an important gap in the lube and hydraulics market for a compact and simple to use oil purifier by having recently secured the rights to distribute the PH2oenix membrane oil dehydrator into the Australian Market. The PH2oenix is exclusively built by MSC Filtration Technologies of Enfield CT USA and has been sold globally for over 5 years.

The device works by removing 100% of free & emulsified as well as dissolved water down to less than 50 ppm with the combination of a durable, maintenance free hollow fiber membrane bundle and vacuum dehydration.

Current lube and hydraulics water removal technology is physically large and bulky and can be problematic to operate due to complicated operating controls. Many in the market use cumbersome vacuum dehydrators which can lead to operational issues such as, loss of control and regular shutdown. The PH2oenix simplifies the entire process and still provides all of the benefits of vacuum dehydration but with a design as simple to use as a filter cart.

“We are excited about introducing the PH2oenix to the Australian market and recognise Lubrication Engineers expertise and knowledge in eincreasing the reliability of lubrication processes. We feel confident in their ability to grow the market as our distributor”, Keith Benninghoff, PH2oenix and OEM Product Manager.

The PH2oenix system is ideal for purifying small to medium sized hydraulic power systems, lube systems and gearboxes.

The PH2oenix “set and forget” system saves time and resources. Operators can set it up, turn it on, set the controls to their specific parameters and let it run until it gets the job done. It requires limited operator time and interaction and can run 24/7.

“We have great confidence in the PH2oenix system and the benefits it will deliver our customers. It’s already operating in a minerals processing facility plant where long-term issues with water contamination have led to continued maintenance problems. The PH2oenix has, in a short time, significantly improved and assisted with maintaining the quality of the lube oil in service.”, Geoff Manley, General Manager.

It is also operating in the Paper, Power, Marine (including the US Coast Guard), Refineries, Offshore Oil Platforms, Steel Plants and Mining industries across the globe.

Any industry with critical process equipment where the lubricant can be severely impacted by water and particulate contamination will benefit from using the PH2oenix system. In particular downstream processing industries such as oil and gas, chemical and minerals processing, power generation, food and beverage.

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