Preparing for Oil Sampling

Being Prepared for Oil sampling is just as important as taking the samples themselves. Do not make the mistake of treating preparation as an afterthought. You cannot expect good representative samples if you are not prepared.

Follow the below tips to ensure you are prepared to take good representative oil samples.

  • Organise sampling equipment into a ‘clean’ carry case
  • Organise the labelling of bottles in the office
  • Include a can of Electra Clean or similar
  • Periodically clean the head of the vacuum pump with Electra Clean or similar
  • Include clean rags or similar
  • Carry a waste oil container
  • Have vacuum pump protected in plastic
  • Have pre-cut tubing protected in plastic
  • Do not open the sample bottle until required, thus reducing the risk of airborne contamination entering.
  • Watch where lid is placed so that it does not collect dirt, which could end up in the sample
  • Flush at least a full sample bottle of liquid prior to taking your sample

Regular used oil analysis can help you extend equipment life and optimize lubricant life, avoid unforeseen breakdowns and reduce your maintenance costs. Providing clean and consistent samples to your lab will produce results that tell you what you need to know.

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