Air Driven Portable Filter Trolley

These portable filter units allow you to adjust the oil flow to suit oil viscosity/ambient temperature. They are ideal for explosion proof environments.

Air driven portable filtration units for applications ranging from 15LPM / 320cst to 2,000cst

Simple to use, our Air Driven trolley provides an increased level of flexibility for those applications where electrical power is not an option. An added advantage is that being air driven, it is easy to adjust the flow to suit different fluid viscosities /temperatures / systems in order to maximise the performance of filter process.

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Features & Benefits

  • Guaranteed cleanliness of delivered & recirculated fluid
  • Secure transfer of fluids means the right fluid in the right location
  • Extends the life of oil and components when used proactively
  • Standardised process reduces spill risk and associated environmental concerns.