Almaplex® Ultra-Syn Grease

Almaplex Ultra-Syn Lubricant has the power to increase equipment uptime and enhance bottom line profitability by offering exceptional quality, versatility and reliability. A heavy-duty synthetic grease containing LE’s proprietary additives Almasol® and Quinplex®, Almaplex Ultra-Syn provides optimum performance under extreme operating conditions. It is an aluminum complex thickened grease made with an ISO 460 viscosity synthetic base fluid, a combination that provides superior high-temperature functionality, low-temperature pumpability and excellent performance in the presence of water.

Beneficial Qualities

Withstands Extreme Pressure

  • Provides superior protection against wear
  • Performs exceptionally well under heavy loads and shock loading

Resists Water & Corrosion

  • Contains long-lasting corrosion inhibitors, providing excellent resistance – even from seawater
  • Is highly resistant to water spray-off and wash-out

Operates in Broad Temp Range

  • Performs well in low and high temps
  • Demonstrates enhanced thermal and oxidation stability for longer service life
  • Has broad operating range of -40ºC (-40ºF) to 232ºC (450ºF)
    • Remains pumpable at low temps; 1297 & 1295 at extremely low temps

Provides Exceptional Benefits

  • Reverts to grease consistency, even after exposure to high temps
  • Resists mechanical shear
  • Possesses low volatility properties
  • Offers superior film strength due to cohesion and adhesion capacity

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Product Codes: LE1295, LE1298, LE1299

Typical Applications

  • Automatic lubrication systems
  • Heavily loaded bearings in cold temperature operations
  • Heavily loaded gearboxes that require a semifluid grease
  • Leaky gearboxes
  • Printing presses
  • Sealed bearings operating at elevated temperatures

Proprietary Additives

LE’s proprietary additives are used exclusively in LE lubricants. Almaplex Ultra-Syn Lubricant contains Almasol and Quinplex.
Almasol® solid wear-reducing additive is able to withstand extremely heavy loads, chemical attack and temperatures up to 1,900°F (1,038°C). It is attracted to metal surfaces, forming a microscopic layer but not building on itself or affecting clearances. Almasol minimizes metal-to-metal contact and the resulting friction, heat and wear.
Quinplex® impact-resistant additive contributes to outstanding water resistance, tackiness and enhanced mechanical stability, and helps to form a barrier against corrosion.