Almatek® General Purpose Grease

Beneficial Qualities 

Provides Superior Protection

  • Minimises friction, heat and wear
  • Protects against shock-loading
  • Resists rust, corrosion and oxidation

Stays Put for Extended Use

  • Clings to metal surfaces
    Won’t wash off or pound out of pins, bushings and bearings

Withstands Heat & Cold

  • Performs well in broad temperature range
  • Has dropping point of up to 177°C (350°F)
  • Offers exceptional lubricating qualities even at high operating temps
  • NLGI 2 summer grade and NLGI 1 winter grade provide optimum performance year round

Increases Uptime & Saves Money

  • Lowers lubrication costs through increased service intervals, longer life and reduced lubricant usage
  • Reduces maintenance costs by letting equipment run cooler, with less frictional wear
  • Decreases need for replacement parts and repairs
  • Increases equipment up time by keeping machines on the job longer
  • Simplifies inventory through its remarkable versatility
  • Reduces risk of misapplication because it does so many jobs so well

Typical Applications

Applications subjected to shock loading or water washout such as:

  • Pins and bushes on construction, earth moving and agricultural equipment
  • Chassis points on road transport
  • Fixed plant in quarries
  • Industrial applications – conveyor bearings
  • Wide range of general anti-friction and plain bearing applications in all industries

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Product Codes: LE1233/LE1235

Versatile, tacky grease is specially formulated to give superior protection and long service life. Withstands shock loading, pound-out and water washout in friction and anti-friction bearings, chassis points and other grease-lubricated applications. Contains Almasol and Quinplex.

Proprietary Additives

LE’s proprietary additives are used exclusively in LE lubricants. Almatek General Purpose Lubricants contain Almasol and Quinplex.

Almasol® solid wear-reducing additive is able to withstand extremely heavy loads, chemical attack and temperatures up to 1,900°F (1,038°C). Almasol is attracted to metal surfaces, forming a microscopic layer but not building on itself or affecting clearances. It minimizes metal-to-metal contact and the resulting friction, heat and wear.

Quinplex® impact-resistant additive contributes to outstanding water resistance, tackiness and enhanced mechanical stability, and helps to form a barrier against corrosion.