Xclude Breather Range

Xclude™ Standard Desiccant Breather

Product Codes: LEXS375-13, LEXS375-28, LEXS1-66, LEXS1-122, LEXS1-188

Basic protection from moisture and particulate contamination in lubricant and equipment

Xclude™ Extended Series Desiccant Breather

Product Codes: LEXES1F-12, LEXES1F-22, LEXES1F-32, LEXES1F-42

High airflow , long-lasting desiccant breathers with check-valve technology, ideal for tank farms and large applications

Xclude™ Extreme Duty Desiccant Breather

Product Codes: LEXD16UNF-3

A versatile breather solution, ideal for mobile / off-road equipment, harsh environments with vibration and nautical applications

Xclude™ High Humidity Check Valve Desiccant Breather

Product Codes: LEXHHEC375-28, LEXHHEC1-65

Ideal solution to protect against moisture and particulate contamination in low flow applications with intermittent operations

Xclude™ High Humidity Expansion Chamber Desiccant Breather

Product Codes: LEXHHCV375-13, LEXHHCV375-28, LEXHHCV1-66, LEXHHCV1-122, LEXHHCV1-188

Protection from moisture and particulate contamination in low flow, steady state applications.

Xclude™ Non Desiccant Breathers

Product Codes: LEXND-2, LEXND-35

Prevent particulate contamination when humidity in not an issue

Xclude™ Rebuildable Steel Desiccant Breather


High flow applications including bulk storage, chemical / harsh environments, hydraulic reservoirs and diesel fuel storage

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