Grease Guns

Xport™ Clear Grease Gun

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Experts all over the world agree that these patented clear grease guns are the best grease guns money can buy. They allow users to have 100% visual grease identification, therefore avoiding costly grease cross contamination errors.

The grease guns and tubes are available with a variety of assorted colour end caps. Colour co-ordinate the grease gun tube with the grease points in order to eliminate mishaps, thereby creating multiple forms of positive identification. Available in 400gra and 450gram versions and both come complete with hard and felxible connections as standard.

Lever Style Grease Gun – Variable stroke with cast iron head, includes 12” whip hose & 5½” steel extension. Maximum pressure of 10,000 psi. Loader Nipple, 2 year gun warranty and recommended for grease up to NLGI 2.

Pistol Grip Grease Gun – Maximum pressure of 5,000 psi, includes 12” whip hose & 4” steel extension, multiple loading via cartridge, suction or bulk, comfortable one hand operation. 2 year gun warranty & recommended for grease up to NLGI 2. 

Xport™ Battery Powered Grease Gun

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Much more than just another grease gun, the patented Clear GreaseGun by Lubrication Engineers is a reliability tool enabling industrial operations worldwide to eliminate mistakes. Now available in convenient battery powered version, especially useful for lubricating hard-to-reach areas or equipment that requires frequent or large-scale lubrication.

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