Heat Insulated Lubricant Storage Containers

Heat insulated containers with panels of 30 mm wall thickness, provided for the use as a lubricants storage container with the following characteristics:

  • two-wing front or lateral doors, 2020 mm (width) x 1950 mm (height),
    with safety lock and key, or sliding door at the long side
  • Floor plate with grate, bores 76 x 34 mm
  • collecting drip pan, height 130 mm, wall thickness 20/10
  • loading rack
  • ventilation grilles, in PVC, 230 x 200 mm

Option: lighting and power supply kit, with neon roof light, 36W, bivalent power socket 10 – 16 A + T, residual current protective device 8 M with 3 differentials (overall – lighting – power socket).

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Product Codes: FLX-8595