Portable Pneumatic 208L Drum Kit – FLX-2914

Mobile pneumatic oil dispensing kit, for 208L – drums, with hose reel and heavy duty trolley equipped with bigger wheels suitable also for use on rough surfaces.

Consists of:

  • Pneumatic double acting 3:1 – oil pump
  • Plastic bung adaptor for the fixation of pumps on drums
  • Heavy duty trolley with 4 wheels and grate
  • Open hose reel
  • 15 m – rubber hose Ø 1/2”
  • 1 m – rubber connection hose Ø 1/2”
  • Electronic flow meter for oil, with control gun, rubber protection guard, trigger guard, rigid outlet, automatic anti-drip nozzle and inlet swivel 1/2” BSP (M)
  • Pressure regulator with manometer, condensation water separator and lubricator, art. no. 7150.

Hydraulic spring bracket kit for the controlled rewind of hoses.

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Product Codes: FLX-2914