SmartOil™ M-Series

The M-Series automated fluid sampler from the SmartOil™ line of condition monitoring technology solutions is suitable for safely collecting LIVE fluid samples such as engine oils and hydraulic fluids from operating equipment i.e. mining haul trucks and excavators. Sample collection interval period can be programmed by the user for an automated, hands- free bottle fill event ensuring reliable contaminant-free in-service fluid is collected on time, every time.

This product is geared towards industrial and commercial applications where maintaining uptime and extending asset life of mission critical equipment is paramount.

Problems we are Solving with SmartOil™ Solutions


  • Fully automated sample collection
  • Single bottle
  • User programmable sample interval via Operational Hours or Calendar Date
  • Localised manual sample button
  • User programmable fluid viscosity
  • Integrated edge-processor
  • Asset Sample Point QR code
  • Side or rear fluid path
  • Bottle full indicator (LED)
  • 24VDC
  • Multiple compliance approvals
  • Stainless steel & aluminium construction
  • IP67 Environmental rating
  • Up to 200 Bar operating pressure rating
  • Approved Australian telecommunications device
  • Upgradable to advanced options
  • Hazardous environment options available


• Engines Lubricants/Coolants
• Hydraulic/Pneumatic Systems
• Pumps and Compressors
• Grinding Mills
• Gear Boxes

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Safe, Accurate, Hands free Sampling of In-Service Oils & Coolants from live operating equipment

A fully automated fluid sample bottle collection device

Takes a live in-service fluid sample such as engine oil, coolant, hydraulic, lubricating or transmission fluid

How Does it Work?

  • All M-Series feature sensors that monitor oil pressure and temperature.
  • Each unit is pre-programmed with the parameters of the oil to be sampled.
  • Using proprietary algorithms, the integrated edge processor contained within the unit calculates the required time for the sample valve to remain open to ensure a 100ml sample is taken every time.
  • Each unit is programmed by the user on the required sample interval (Operating hours or Calendar date).
  • Wireless versions are available that enable users to remotely trigger the sampling via Bluetooth® or Wi-Fi using smart devices and a free proprietary app.