Ultra Clean – Clean Easy

Cleaning hose, tube or pipe has never been easier!

Cleaning just takes seconds to perform! Ultra Clean is the only manufacturer that offers a variety of options for cleaning hose, hose assemblies, tube, and pipe up to 4½” ID. The range also includes a production model bench-mountable launcher, projectile verification system and automatic projectile loading system for production facilities.  Choose hand-held launchers according to the largest ID application that you intend to clean. All of Ultra Cleans launchers can adapt down to the smallest ID but a small launcher cannot adapt up to an ID that exceeds its capacity. If you have a production style environment, explore the production facility options like the Bench Mount launcher or the Projectile Verification System. If you have an automated production assembly, the AutoLoader is integrateable into nearly any automated assembly line.

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A fast, less invasive way to clean contaminated hydraulic lines by shooting a projectile through the hose or tube assembly with a pneumatic launcher. The Ultra Clean Projectile strips out the internal contamination, removing dirt, gunk and oil. Now your clean oil will stay clean as it reaches those expensive components, preventing failure and system downtime.

*ISO 13/10 cleanliness levels are achievable.