Ultra Clean – Seal Easy

Re-contamination occurs when ill-fitting caps and plugs are forced onto assemblies, causing plastic particles to shear off into the hose or tube. Clean Seal System leaves your assemblies tightly sealed and 100% contamination free, and provides an easier, less costly, and more effective solution than traditional capping methods.

You are also able to seal one or multiple assemblies at once!

Features & Benefits

  • Preserves cleanliness
  • Easy to use heat shrink machine or heat shrink gun for low or high volume production
  • Fast and easy capsule installation
  • Universal, clean fit up to 3” (80mm)
  • Seals straight and elbow couplings – shorter capsules available for angled/elbow (i.e.: 45° and 90°) fittings
  • Eliminates cap inventory hassles

Clean Seal Capsules

Features & Benefits

  • Just 11 capsule sizes needed for all assemblies
  • Durable and secure.
  • Quick, clean application
  • Easy, clean pull-tab capsule removal
  • No particulates or sticky residue left behind
  • Sold in Bulk Cartons or Packaged Quantities
  • Shipped pre-stacked to ensure cleanliness on inside


Capsule Dispenser Stand

The Capsule Dispenser Stand easily stores and dispenses Clean Seal Capsules. Dispensing Tubes are held in place with a hook and groove system to enable easy and flexible positioning. A strong magnetic strip holds the dispenser tubes firmly in place. 3 dispensing tube sizes are available, UC-CD-1.5, UC-CD-2.5, and UC-CD-3.0 to accommodate all sizes of the Clean Seal Capsules. (Dispensing Tubes Sold Separately)

UC-CDS Capsule Dispenser Stand comes with Dispensing Wand, Laminated Clean Seal Capsule Sizing Chart, and Lanyard.

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An innovative and economical solutions to protect cleaned hoses, tubes and pipes. The Clean Seal System heat-shrinks a Clean Seal Capsule tightly around assemblies. This eliminates possible re-contamination that is problematic with traditional capping and plugging methods and utilises just 11 sizes for most needs.