Viper Wire Rope Penetrating Grease

Viper WRL-VPG-0 is a gold, tacky, water resistant, fluid grease which will not fling off wire ropes or sheaves. The NLGI #0 rating enables excellent penetration to be achieved with the Viper lubricator which displaces moisture from the rope core. VPG-0 reduces friction and wear on internal and external strands while also providing protection for sheaves and rope drums.

Viper WRL Penetrating Grease contains a wear-reducing additive that protects against premature wear and shields metal against corrosive attack.

Beneficial Qualities

Wear Reduction & Corrosion Protection

  • Lubricates and reduces wear to wire rope and sheaves
  • Protects wear-intensive areas such as cable drums and cable sheaves
  • Lessens resistance when surfaces slide over one another, ensuring cooler operation
  • Seals all surfaces, protecting against rust and corrosion
  • Sheilds against corrosion attack

Tackiness & Water Resistance

  • Clings tightly to wire ropes
  • Resists sling-off; keeps work area clean
  • Stays in place in presence of heat and moisture for long service life
  • Increases service intervals, requiring less lubricant to be used

Smooth, Quiet Operation

  • Enables strands to move freely, reducing fatigue
  • Softens shocks with its full-bodied, semifluid properties


  • Excellent for wire rope and cables

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Product Codes: VPG-0

Typical Application

  • Wire Rope
  • Cable Sheaves
  • Crane Wire Ropes
  • Shiploader Hoist Luffing Ropes
  • Mobile Cranes

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