Wirelife® Almasol® Coating Grease

Wirelife® Almasol® Coating Grease is a soft, semifluid formulation designed to coat wire rope as well as moving chain and cable parts to ensure long life and smooth, quiet operation. Its tacky, water-resistant characteristics enable it to adhere strongly to rapidly moving parts and to seal out damaging moisture. Available in three NLGI grades, Wirelife Almasol Coating Grease contains Almasol, LE’s exclusive wear-reducing additive that protects against premature wear and shields metal against corrosive attack.

Beneficial Qualitites

Wear Reduction & Corrosion Protection

  • Lubricates and reduces wear to wire rope and to all moving parts, including chains (links, pins, bushings) and cables (sheave bushings and bearings, cable strands)
  • Protects wear-intensive areas such as chain sprockets and cable sheaves
  • Lessens resistance when surfaces slide over one another, ensuring cooler operation
  • Seals all surfaces, protecting against rust and corrosion
  • Shields against acid attack

Tackiness & Water Resistance

  • Clings tightly to pin, bushing or bearing surfaces
  • Resists sling-off; keeps work area clean
  • Stays in place in presence of steam and moisture for long service life
  • Increases service intervals, requiring less lubricant to be used

Smooth, Quiet Operation

  • Enables metal joints and strands to move freely
  • Softens shocks with its full-bodied, semifluid properties


  • Excellent for wire rope, cables, open or enclosed silent chains and roller chains, as well as chain links, pins, bushings and cable sheave bearings
  • Also works great for small, slow-turning gearboxes in which operating temperatures are relatively low (less than 71ºC/160ºF) and a semifluid grease is required
  • Meets USDA H2 criteria for nonfood contact areas of food processing

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Product Codes: LE451, LE452, LE453

Typical Applications

  • Wire rope
  • Chain links
  • Pins
  • Bushings
  • Cable sheave bushings
  • Cables
  • Open and closed silent and roller chains
  • Small, slow-turning gearboxes that require a semifluid lubricant

Proprietary Additive

LE’s proprietary additives are used exclusively in LE lubricants. Wirelife Almasol Coating Grease contains Almasol.

Almasol® wear-reducing additive attaches itself to metal surfaces in a single microscopic layer, yet will not build on itself or affect clearances. It possesses tremendous load-carrying capacity, is impervious to acid attack and minimizes metal-to-metal contact and the resulting friction and wear. When added to LE lubricants, it provides a level of protection available with no other lubricant.