Wymark Lubricators

Lubrication Engineers are exclusive distributors of Wymark Greaseomatic automatic single point lubricators. The Wymark unit is a self-ejecting canister of lubricant designed to screw directly into a grease point or fitted remotely, and discharge its content of 120 ml of lubricant in a controlled continuous flow, for a preselected period of between one month and twelve months. It is completely self contained and needs no pumps, motors, electricity or compressed air. Once fitted and activated it will work without attention until its allotted lifespan is over. The Wymark unit is completely sealed and corrosion safe, it can be used underwater or in highly corrosive environments. The Wymark has been approved for Underground Coal use.

All Wymark units are prefilled with Lubrication Engineers Speciality Lubricants depending on the application required, from high temperature grease to waterproof penetrating chain oil we can supply a Wymark unit for your applications.

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Features & Benefits

  • Screws into a standard grease nipple socket
  • Ensures controlled input of lubricant
  • Exerts constant low pressure to keep contaminants out of bearings
  • Enables hard to reach bearings to be lubricated without the need to stop machinery
  • Can be fitted up to 3m+ from bearing to lubricate through extension tubing
  • Displays its discharge level continuously through translucent windows in body
  • Works in any position – on its side – upside down – on moving parts – even underwater or encased in ice
  • Is available with fillings from a range of high performance lubricants
  • Food grade, water resistant, high temperature, chains and gear oils etc