Custom Design

Do you require a customised solution? Lubrication Engineering can work with you to design a complete and custom-built lube store and dispensing facility that slots into your pre-existing available space and to your specific requirements.

Our technical team will complete the full package, including 3D drawings to ensure the delivered package is the most appropriate.

Some examples of custom designed solutions we have created for clients include:


Suez Resources in SA


isoPOD mt20


Dedicated lube storage system built to Aust Standard but designed to meet the specific requirements of Suez Resources


Citic Pacific


Mill Lubrication System

Application One

Open Gear Spray Lubricant system to deliver controlled quantities of lubricant to the pinion / ring gear on a grinding mill

Application Two

Grinding mill grease seal system to stop ingress of ore into oil lubricated components

Please contact us for more information on Customised Solutions.