First Fill / Flushing / Polishing Package

First Fill - New or Refurbished Equipment

If not managed correctly, new or refurbished equipment has an increased risk of failures during the early period of operation. Commonly known as ‘Infant Mortality’, equipment may suffer damage to components that ultimately leads to the plant item failing or needing to be repaired, even though it is brand new.

Taking a pro-active approach to the management of fluid cleanliness on these new and refurbished plant items can significantly reduce the risk of these early breakdowns.

Whether you are bringing a high value gas turbine into service or completing the refurbishment of recirculating lube system, an effective process to fill the system with new oil and make sure it is clean and dry will be critical.

Lubrication Engineering has extensive knowledge and experience in the First Fill and Flushing service that will ensure your new equipment is ready to operate, trouble free, safely and quickly.

We come out to your premises and complete the First Fill and/or flushing service. Lubrication Engineering will complete oil analysis at all stages of the process, ensuring the new oil achieves the target cleanliness prior to install, we will then make sure the system is ready for operation prior to start by ensuring the system cleanliness target is met and finally, during those early start up phase, ongoing polishing and analysis will ensure the target is maintained.

Mobile Filtration Units

250LPM VFD Trolley

200LPM VFD Trolley

System Flush Service

High Velocity flushing that generates Reynolds Numbers > 5000, is a specialised field and should only be undertaken by companies with the right equipment and associated process to complete the task.

Utilising the latest filtration technology, Lube Eng. can provide a flushing service that will meet OEM requirements and get the job done quickly, thus saving money by bringing the equipment into service sooner.

A key component of the flushing service will be the real time analysis of the process, using both in-line and off-line oil analysis, with the results included in the final process report.

Flushing Skids

2,270LPM – VFD Flushing Skid

System / Fluid Polishing Service

Even with correctly designed lubrication systems, situations occur that require additional filtration equipment to be utilised in order to bring the fluid and hence the system back within the fluid cleanliness specification.

Lubrication Engineering can now offer a range of equipment to remove particulate, water and even gas contamination from your lubrication and hydraulic systems.

By analysing the current condition of the oil, the correct equipment will be installed as a temporary addition and the process of ‘polishing’ the oil and hence the system will commence, This process will rapidly remove particulate contamination and where applicable reduce the water and gas contamination levels down to a point where the system can safely operate as it should.

Vacuum Dehydration for Water Removal

20LPM Unit

Mobile Filtration Particulate Removal

120LPM Trolley

Lubrication Engineering’s highly experienced service team are fully equipped to quickly and efficiently get your critical equipment to the required level of cleanliness and back in service.

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