Xtract Oil Level Monitoring

Xtract™ Bullseye® Sight Glass

Product Codes: LEXBEBSPP500, LEXBEBSPP750, LEXBEBSPP1000, LEXBE250, LEXBE375, LEXBE500, LEXBE750, LEXBE1000, LEXBE1250, LEXBE2000, LEXBE10x1.5, LEXBE12x1.5, LEXBE16x1.5, LEXBE20x1.5, LEXBE22x1.5, LEXBE24x1.5, LEXBE26x1.5, LEXBE27x1.5, LEXBE30x2.0, LEXBE33x1.5

The Xtract™ 3-D Bullseye®, made of a high-performance transparent polyamide, allows immediate and accurate visual oil level monitoring from virtually any angle.

Xtract™ Oil Level Indicator

Product Codes: LEXOL-3, LEXOL-6, LEXOL-9, LEXOL-12, LEXOL-15

The Oil Level Indicator allows you to gauge the oil level in large tanks, gear boxes and reservoirs. 360 view of oil clarity and level, easy to install, closed loop or filtered installation options and multiple lengths available

Xtract™ Oil Sight Glass Level Monitor

Product Codes: LEXOM375-3, LEXOM375-6, LEXOM375-9, LEXOM375-9, LEXOM375-12, LEXOM375-15, LEXOM375-18, LEXOM375-24 & LEXOM375-3, LEXOD375-6, LEXOD375-9, LEXOD375-9, LEXOD375-12, LEXOD375-15, LEXOD375-18, LEXOD375-24

Allows operators to manage oil levels, visually inspect lubricant condition and drain away water.

Xtract™ Oil Sight Glass

Product Codes: LEXOS250-1, LEXOS375-1, LEXOS500-1, LEXOS250-3, LEXOS375-3, LEXOS500-3,

Have an immediate visual inspection of the oil and the ability to drain any accumulated water.  Is installed directly to a drain port located at the bottom of a reservoir or with an elbow for drain ports located on the side of the equipment.

Xtract™ High Temperature Oil Sight Glass

Product Codes: LEXOHT250-1, LEXOHT3765-1, LEXLHT500-1, LEXOHT250-3, LEXOHT375-3, LEXOHT500-3, LEXOS500-16, LEXOS500-32, LEXOH250-1, LEXOH375-1, LEXOH500-1, LEXOH250-3, LEXOH375-3, LEXOH500-3

Developed for applications where oil operating temperatures or radiant heat from adjacent equipment exceeds or is continually at or near the standard Oil Sight Glass’s operating range.

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