SmartOil™ M – Model: M3

Safe, Accurate, Hands Free Sampling of In-Service Oils & Coolants

The world’s most advanced fully automated bottle fluid sampler & condition monitoring device. The M3 version of the SmartOil™ M sampling devices not only takes a LIVE in-service fluid sample but also provides the ability to mount additional external condition monitoring sensors for processing and data capture.

How Does it Work?

Like all SmartOil™ M devices, the M3 features sensors that monitor oil pressure and temperature. Each unit is pre-programmed with the parameters of the oil to be sampled and the sample interval required (operating hours or calendar date). Using proprietary algorithms, the integrated edge processor contained within the unit calculates the required time for the sample to be taken and for the valve to remain open to ensure a predetermined sample is taken every time.

Problems We are Solving with the SmartOil™ M Solution

Smartoil benefits

Advantages of the M3

The M3 version of the SmartOil™ M is the complete monitoring and sample collection package. It features an advanced and higher capacity edge processor that allows the integration of additional external sensors to be fed directly into the device which can provide additional information on the fluid quality or system parameters in real-time.
An optional rear-mounted manifold block can be attached to the M3 unit which provides additional porting for sensors such as:

  • Hydrocarbon condition
  • Dielectric constant
  • Chip Detectors
  • Water in oil sensors
  • Laser particle counters
  • Pressure, temperature, and others


Data from the external sensors can be fed directly into the M3 unit where it is edge-processed via the onboard CPU into 30-second data reporting intervals. Data in the form of .csv files can be live streamed via a wireless Bluetooth® via smart device using the free SmartOil™ proprietary app

Sampling events can be triggered via:

  • User programmed calendar date or operational hours
  • Bluetooth® via a smart device using the free SmartOil™ proprietary app
  • Local manual button
  • Remote wired data connection available on optional upgrade to M3+


Sample volumes are determined using proprietary algorithms which calculate the required time for the sample valve to remain open to ensure a predetermined sample is taken every time.


SmartOil™ M3 Features


The M3 is an advanced level product within the SmartOil™ M range, with the capabilities of adding additional external condition monitoring sensors.  Available in standard industrial format or for harsh operational environments such as mining.

  • Fully automated sample collection
  • User-programmable sample interval (Operational Hours or Calendar Date)
  • Localised manual sample button
  • Side, rear or combination fluid path
  • Bottle full indicator (LED)
  • 24VDC power supply
  • Multiple compliance approvals
  • Aluminium construction
  • IP67 Environmental rating. Available in IP69 rating for harsh operational environments
  • Standard pressure range up to 6.9 Bar (100psi) operating pressure rating
  • Approved Australian telecommunications device
  • Bluetooth® programable, monitoring and sample activation

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Product Codes: M3


  • Manifold to mount to rear of M3 for additional sensors
  • Hydrocarbon sensor
  • Dielectric constant sensor
  • Water in oil sensor
  • Laser particle counter
  • Other external sensors

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