SmartOil M-Series

The SmartOil™ M is a fully automated fluid sampling device that enables the LIVE collection of fluid samples with NO human interaction with live machinery.

The product is designed to automatically take fluid samples at designated intervals (calendar or operational hours) which can be programmed by the user. This SmartOil™ M-Series guarantees that a fully automated, hands-free fluid sample event takes place thus ensuring a reliable, safe, and contaminant-free in-service fluid is collected on time, every time.

Each device is designed to be permanently installed into a flowing fluid system that will provide a representative fluid sample. Patented fluid condition monitoring algorithms capture internal IoT sensor data that is computed by an embedded edge microprocessor. These embedded sensors then calculate the exact timing for a fluid sample as well as the required sample valve opening time to ensure the required volume is always taken. Advanced versions also allow external IoT sensors to be fed directly into the edge processor for processing. These sensors could include, oil quality, particle counters, or dielectric constant sensors, or a combination of all. Armed with real-time information, operators can make data-driven decisions leading to immediate action, thus preventing unplanned equipment downtime. Triggered alarms can also result in an “exception” based sample being taken to ensure evidence within the fluid is captured for further analysis.

All SmartOil™ M-Series devices are installed with high-powered Bluetooth® hardware that enables them to be programmed, and in some versions manually activate a sample from distances of up to 100-meters. The requirement is that the client must be running an Apple® iOS device including the SmartOil™ app. Manual sampling events can be conducted at safe distances whilst machines are in full operation without the need to interrupt production or put people in harm’s way.